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Learning, growing and developing together

Business resource groups (BRGs) help drive Quad’s strategic goals.

Over the past year, Quad has made intentional investments in our BRGs, fostering not only an inclusive workplace culture but contributing to critical business objectives, particularly in recruitment, retention and engagement. The participation of over 1,600 employees in our seven BRGs in 2022 enriched our understanding of the diverse needs and challenges within our workforce—a vital component of our success as a marketing experience company.

With the hiring of Director of Social Responsibility Darneesha Figgs last year, we began laying the groundwork for the long-term development and advancement of our BRGs. Figgs oversees the BRG Advancement Program, an integral part of Quad’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts. Quad’s BRGs engage in a range of educational and outreach activities designed to build allyship, provide resources, celebrate differences and improve awareness of the challenges faced by diverse groups.

Creating Inclusive Spaces
“We want people to have a place to go where they feel like they belong, where there are others who have affinity to them, where they have allies, where they’re learning, growing and developing together,” says Figgs. “But we also would like to see them take it up a notch and answer the question, ‘What can you bring back to our leadership team as opportunities for us to grow and stretch in the inclusion space?’”

Budget Allocation
Each BRG has a clearly defined budget allocated annually to engage with and provide content and events for BRG members as well as give back to the community. Additionally, Quad became a member of the Global ERG Network, a platform on which BRG leaders across different companies can connect with one another to exchange best practices, share ideas and access resources and research.

Enhanced Leadership and Collaboration
In 2023, Figgs introduced an annual onboarding and training program for Quad executive sponsors and BRG leaders, making it easier for new leaders to step in as needed. Representatives from each BRG leadership team serve on Quad’s DEI Task Force, which informs and drives a company-wide DEI strategy. Over the last year, this has included the continued rollout of Quad’s DEI Action Agenda, which includes projects such as developing a mentorship program and reviewing our policies to help make them more inclusive.

“They’re right in the thick of those conversations with us,” says Figgs. “They are there with us every step of the way, amplifying their voices to say, ‘These are things that matter to our community.’” BRG leaders are also responsible for leading their teams in the development of goals, which are tied to Quad’s key business drivers. Action items such as “surveying employees across all locations to identify support needs of parents and caregivers” contribute to Quad’s business drivers, such as “Fostering Engagement.” “By connecting their goals to these business drivers, we are able to show BRG leaders how they’re making an impact here at Quad,” Figgs says.

Recognition and Alignment
To recognize the hard work and commitment demonstrated by BRG leaders, Quad implemented a special bonus program in 2022. Progress toward achieving BRG goals is measured through what is now an official process. Upon review and approval by an internal panel, leadership team members can receive a monetary bonus following each year for accomplishing designated goals. This type of bonus program, Figgs says, makes Quad somewhat of an “anomaly” among corporate America and is something she attributes to alignment at the highest levels. “If we want our BRGs to advance and grow, it definitely requires an investment,” she says. “Leadership’s dedication in this space makes it easier to move things forward and get things done for our BRGs.”

Driving Progress Together
Efforts to work inter-sectionally across BRGs are a key focus as well, Figgs says, deepening the sense of allyship and belonging across the entire organization. “We can’t have exclusion within inclusion,” says Figgs. “We each have our communities, and we are very passionate about that, but it takes all of us together to really make progress.”

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